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Advisor and Investor in Healthcare since 2007
Since its foundation in 2007, Medeor has been one of the leading Italian professional firms devoted to the scouting and execution of investment opportunities in the HealthCare sector.

Since its incorporation in 2007, Medeor Associates has originated or has been part of investments in the Health Care sector worth more than € 750 million.



Rejoint (www.rejoint.life.com) has been incorporated in 2016 by industry experts, supported by orthopedic KOL’s, with the mission of developing a revolutionary concept for “tailor made” knee prosthesis. Medeor invested in Rejoint at a seed stage and followed subsequent capital increases.

Rejoint business model is a combination of patient’s anatomy data collection, procedure planning, tailor-made knee prosthesis manufacturing (3-D technology), intra-operative robotic surgical assistance and post-surgery recovery monitoring. As a result, knee surgery according to Rejoint procedure provide a better patient outcome (less pain, less blood loss, faster recovery) and shorter surgical room occupancy. 

Rejoint obtained the CE mark in 2020. Covid pandemic delayed all “elective” surgical procedures (including knee replacement surgery) and only in second half 2021 Rejoint has been able to initiate and expand commercial sales.


Farmacie Italiane (www.gruppo farmacie italiane.it) FI) is one of the main Italian private pharmacy chains, originated from the acquisition in 2018, by PE fund F2i, of the majority of FarmaCrimi (founded by pharmacist Vincenzo Crimi, still a minority shareholder). The deal has been originated by Medeor who, together with other private investors, owns a minor participation in FI.  Since its creation in 2018, FI has completed the acquisition of a number of additional pharmacies (mainly large structures in high-traffic areas located in main Italian cities), becoming one of the main players in the rapid consolidation of the very fragmented Italian pharmacy network. FI is also a pioneer and main player of online sales of pharmaceutical products, a business that is achieving booming growth also due to COVID pandemic. 


Aggrade is a UK company, holding IP rights for AGS technology, a dry, continuous process for the granulation of different sorts of API’s (Pharmaceutical raw materials). Drugs in granulate form are utilized for the manufacturing of tablets, capsules, and sachets. 

In 2015 Medeor, together with other private investors and industry experts, acquired a significant minority stake in Aggrade. 

Aggrade owns a pilot/industrial scale AGS plant which has been installed in Sabaudia (Center-South Italy), as part of Pharma DGTech (www.pharmadgtech.it) a Joint Venture with STB Valitech, an engineering company specialized in pharmaceutical plants.

The first industrial scale AGS plant, under Aggrade licensing, has been commissioned in Poland in 2020.



NTC (https://www.ntcpharma.com) is a pharmaceutical company born in 2014 from the simultaneous acquisition and merger of two, synergistic pharmaceutical SME’s. The deal was originated by Medeor (a minority shareholder in NTC together with other private investors), the majority of equity coming from Wise SGR PE fund.

 About 80% of NTC sales are coming from about 70 foreign markets, both though direct sales and commercial partnerships with major pharma companies. Main NTC therapeutic areas are Ophthalmology, Gastro-Metabolism, Pediatrics, Gynecology. Since its foundation, NTC enjoyed a steady growth (almost tripling the turnover since 2014) supported by substantial investments in R&D, which generated a very promising product pipeline. The first drug of this new generation to hit the market is Leviosa (a novel combination of antibiotic and anti-inflammatory collyrium) aimed at post-surgical ophthalmic treatments. Other launches are expected in the next 2-3 years. 



Aortic Lab (www.aorticlab.ch)  was incorporated in 2015 by a team of Cardiovascular Devices industry experts and physicians. Medeor and other private investors provided seed financing and participated into subsequent financing rounds. Aortic Lab mission is to develop an innovative set of proprietary devices based on cutting-edge technology, to improve the safety and clinical outcome of non-invasive aortic valve stenosis treatment. 

Aortic Lab has developed two, complementary devices: 

  • an anti-embolic protection filter (EMBRACE), aimed at capturing and removing debris during TAVI (Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation) procedures, protecting patients from cerebral embolic injuries and embolism of peripheral organs. EMBRACE has superior design and performance vs. the very few comparable devices already on the market and is currently under clinical evaluation. The CE mark is expected to be obtained at the beginning of 2022. 
  • A revolutionary, transcatheter debridement device (GEMINI) aimed at restoring, in a minimally invasive procedure, the functioning of the calcified aortic valve by fragmenting the dystrophic calcifications present on the valve leaflets. This treatment can be applied both to native and to prosthetic calcified valves, thus avoiding, or postponing surgical interventions. Extensive pre-clinical tests (both ex-vivo, on explanted human valves, and in-vivo on animal model) have been successfully conducted. First human tests are expected by the end of 2022



Corcym (www.corcym.com) is the Newco which, in June 2021, has incorporated the cardiac valve division of Livanova. The deal has been originated by Medeor who, together with other private investors, owns a minority stake in Corcym. The majority of equity is owned by Gyrus Capital, a Swiss PE fund.

Corcym is one of the world leaders in surgical, prosthetic heart valve development, manufacturing, and marketing. Its products are approved for sale in all major markets and hold CE and FDA certification. In addition, Corcym products are approved in Japan and China. Corcym offers a comprehensive heart valve and accessories product range (mechanical, tissue, conduits and annuloplasty rings) including a unique suture-less valve (“Perceval”) indicated for complex surgical procedures. Notwithstanding increasing penetration of noninvasive heart valve replacement procedures (TAVI), traditional cardiac surgery remains a key, and still growing (due to aging of population and booming demand in China) part of cardiovascular medicine, due to its long-term favorable patient outcome.

Corcym has two manufacturing sites: Saluggia (NW Italy), where R&D laboratories are also located, and Vancouver (Canada), employing more than 900 people worldwide.



SPS has been incorporated in 2019 in Scarmagno (NW Italy) by a team of industry experts and private investors (including Medeor) with the mission of developing, manufacturing and marketing a comprehensive, innovative range of implantable devices (cages) for orthopedic spine surgery.
The company has currently approval for the sale of cages made in PEEK, Titanium and Carbon Fiber. New products with unique features are under development.

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