Aortic Lab has developed two, complementary devices.

Ananti-embolic protection filter (EMBRACE), aimed at capturing and removing debris during TAVI (Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation) procedures, protecting patients from cerebral embolic injuries and embolism of peripheral organs. EMBRACE has superior design and performance vs. the very few comparable devices already on the market and is currently under clinical evaluation. The CE mark is expected to be obtained at the beginning of 2022.
A revolutionary, transcatheter debridement device (GEMINI) aimed at restoring, in a minimally invasive procedure, the functioning of the calcified aortic valve by fragmenting the dystrophic calcifications present on the valve leaflets. This treatment can be applied both to native and to prosthetic calcified valves, thus avoiding, or postponing surgical interventions. Extensive pre-clinical tests (both ex-vivo, on explanted human valves, and in-vivo on animal model) have been successfully conducted. First human tests are expected by the end of 2022