Medeor is (or has been) an investor, together with selected partners, in many Health Care companies, at different development stage

Medeor’s investment strategy is consistent with some key principles:

  • Address a clear medical need with a distinctive business model

  • Work together with an experienced and competent management team having full alignment of interests

  • Define value creation strategy and exit options from the beginning

  • Select investment partners according to their profile, specific experience and full sharing of strategy and execution


NTC is a pharmaceutical company born in 2014 from the simultaneous acquisition and merger of two, synergistic pharmaceutical SME’s. The deal was originated by Medeor (a minority shareholder in NTC together with other private investors),the majority of equity coming from Wise SGR PE fund.


Aortic Lab was incorporated in 2015 by a team of Cardiovascular Devices industry experts and physicians. Medeor Associates and other private investors provided seed financing and participated into subsequent financing rounds. Aortic Lab mission is to develop an innovative set of proprietary devices based on cutting-edge technology, to improve the safety and clinical outcome of non-invasive aortic valve stenosis treatment.


Farmacie Italiane is one of the main Italian private pharmacy chains, originated from the acquisition in 2018, by PE fund F2i, of the majority of FarmaCrimi (founded by pharmacist Vincenzo Crimi, still a minority shareholder). The deal has been originated by Medeor who, together with other private investors, owns a minor participation in FI.


Rejoint has been incorporated in 2016 by industry experts,
supported by orthopedic KOL’s,
with the mission of developing
a revolutionary concept for "tailor made" knee prosthesis.


Aggrade is a UK company, holding IP rights for AGS technology, a dry, continuous process for the granulation of different sorts of API’s (Pharmaceutical raw materials).
SPS was established in 2019 in Scarmagno (NW Italy) by a team of medical experts and private investors (including Medeor) with the mission of developing, producing and marketing a complete and innovative range of implantable devices (cages) for orthopedic surgery of the spine
Corcym is a Newco which has been created to incorporate the Heart Valve business unit of Livanova. Medeor has identified this investment opportunity by mean of its industry and financial network.
The deal has been executed having the Swiss PE fund Gyrus Capital as main investor, while Medeor and other private partners have retained a minority share and hold board positions
A leading player in Hemodialysis devices and equipment. Acquired in 2008 (in partnership with a PE fund)
An early-stage company developing a technology for inhalator drugs in nanoparticles. Invested in 2010 (in partnership with a team of industry experts)


Neoesperience Health was founded in 2022 as part of Neoesperience, the most important Italian listed software and AI vendors. Neoesperience Health cloud-based platform allows to offer a new approach to digital transformation in healthcare.


The company operates on a B2B business model for in-partnership development, registration and commercialization of products for dermo-aesthetics, oral-nasal, gynecology and nutraceuticals applications