• Co-founder and Chairman, Graduated Chemical Engineer

  • Senior consultant in McKinsey and Co.

  • Past CEO and SVP in several industrial companies (Snia Group, Sorin Biomedica, Sorin Biomedical inc., Bellco)

  • Past and present Board member in private and listed companies (Incstar Corp., Diasorin, Aortic Lab, Rejoint, Corcym SA)

  • Managed IPO’s worth more than € 500 million and M&A deals worth more than € 1,5 billion

  • Co-founder and CEO, Medical Doctor, MBA

  • Senior consultant in McKinsey and Co.

  • Founding Partner at Value Partners

  • Several years of business experience in Life Sciences companies

  • Advisor in several M&A deals in health care products and services

  • Associate Partner: degree in marketing

  • Investor and CEO of Pharmatec, a technology company in the pharma area in late 70’s up to late 90’s

  • CEO of Capricorn Pharma, Frederick MD USA in late 90’s

  • Founder of VantagePharma and CRS, pharmaceutical consulting companies operating from 2000 to 2015

  • Co-investor in PE operations: Farmacie Italiane (I), co-investor and BOD member: Farmabios (I), SpineVision (F), Urban (I), NTC (I)