Home topics binge eating disorder 5 night eating syndrome wondering if you are suffering from the night eating syndrome? Why don't you find out? generic viagra Read this article for information on the syndrome symptoms, and check if you are experiencing any. Read on.. Most of us have a vague idea about this syndrome, but our concepts about it are not entirely clear. viagra for women price in india To tell you, or explain it in simple words, this syndrome is a condition where you are used to continuous binge eating in the night. When i say continuous, i mean when it becomes a habit to eat late at night. Though the concept of this syndrome is yet not completely clear and the study is ongoing, there is enough for us to talk about and discuss. buy cheap viagra Many say that this syndrome is closely related to insomnia, but again, that cannot be the sole reason, can it? You must have at times craved suddenly for something in the night and contemplated opening the fridge and biting on that delicious cake. where to buy cials and viagra online Yes, that is a possibility and that is normal. But, eating everything and anything everyday in the night is something to be worried about. This does not only increase your calories but also leads to certain diseases you would want to know about. best generic viagra online Let us now check out what exactly causes this syndrome, what are its symptoms, and is there a cure. What are the night eating syndrome causes? Since there is no exact list of causes yet available, let us read on the causes we know as of now. This syndrome is said to be one of the mental disorders where people start eating in the nights even after dinner is consumed. viagra for women price in india Because of this, they skip breakfast and stay with an empty stomach till their first meal. It is also said that leptin and melatonin nocturnal hormone levels are reduced. viagra for women price in india Depression or anxiety may also give rise to this syndrome. This syndrome affects almost 1 to 2% of the population and both, male and female. viagra online Prolonged dieting, excessive boredom and unhappiness about the way one looks, can also lead to this syndrome. What are the night eating syndrome symptoms? The symptoms are really easy to understand. I say this because if you find yourself eating in the night daily with frequent visits to the fridge in spite of not really feeling hungry, you are suffering from it. You may also experience pangs of depression or anxiety. cheap viagra Other than these, you may not feel like having your breakfast as you must be full from the eating in the night. Another funny symptoms is sleepwalking. It's not compulsory that you have to sleepwalk if you are suffering from this but you are more likely to than the others who don't suffer from it. The eating is done over a period of time and not just a lot in few minutes. viagra and blood pressure drugs What you are eating doesn't matter in these cases. viagra natural way What are the night eating syndrome treatments? Zoloft or sertraline, the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor, is said to wor.

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